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Ticket Policies

Possession of a ticket for a production at Post Playhouse entitles the holder a seat in the theatre at the performance indicated on the ticket, barring unforseen circumstances. The theatre reserves the right to move the patron to a seat other than the one indicated on their ticket if necessary at the theatre’s discretion. The theatre reserves the right to refuse or revoke admittance to a patron holding a ticket at the theatre’s discretion. Refunds may be made available in such circumstances, but are not guaranteed.

Payment In Full Must Accompany Your Order

Online ticket orders may be paid with Visa or Master Card. Box office sales may be paid with credit card, check or cash. All orders will automatically be charged to your credit card. Reservations will not be held without payment in full.

The Post Playhouse Cannot Cancel Or Refund Tickets

The Post Playhouse will make every effort to accommodate everyone with seats of their choice. However, if it is not possible, the best available seats will be substituted.

Late Arrival

If a patron does not arrive at the theatre 10 minutes prior to curtain, the theatre reserves the right to resell that patron’s seat to someone on the waitlist.

If a patron arrives too late for seating before curtain, even if the performance is not sold out and their seat was not resold, the theatre reserves the right to move the patron to a seat that will be more convenient for late seating.

If a seat is resold at the box office due to a patron’s absence at ten minutes to curtain, and the patron subsequently arrives to the performance, they may be offered credit toward another production at the discretion of the theatre.

If a patron arrives at the theatre too late to be seated before the show starts, the patron may be held in the lobby until an appropriate moment when the production and other patrons will be least disturbed by the late seating.

Late Purchase and Waitlist

If a performance is sold out, an individual who wishes to be put on the waitlist may arrive at the theatre in person and ask to be added to the waitlist for that performance. Unclaimed seats will be released at 10 minutes prior to curtain. At that time, patrons on the waitlist may purchase the newly available seats. The individual on the waitlist must be present when their name is called, or they will be skipped and placed at the bottom of the list.